Carrot and paprika creamy soup

It’s actually good for your skins. Let’s try this!


[Serve for 3-4 people]

-200g carrots

-1 paprika

-1 onion

-1tbs rice

-1 bay leaf

-500ml water

-2tsp vegetable stock

-200ml soy-milk(or milk)

-1tbs butter

-salt and pepper

  1. cut vegetables. Heat up the butter on the soup pan. Add onions and continue stir-fry until onions becomes wilted. Then add rice, carrot and paprika stir-fry.
  2. Pour the water brings boil. Add vegetable stock and bay leaf. Stew vegetable on law heat.
  3. Take bay leaf . Cool 2 down. Put it in a blender. Then pour it in the soup pan again. heat it up. Slowly added soy-milk. Turn off the heat right before boil. Putting salt and pepper into the soup to enhance the flavour. It’s done!


You can add whipping cream instead of soy-milk. That’s gonna be rich flavor.

100ml soy-milk and 100ml whipping cream are good balance too.


Today’s dinner was 

Umm, so good.

Eat well, Be healthy!