Cheese in chicken cutlet

Today, I will show you how to make cheese in chicken cutlet. Cheese is thick and creamy. It’s so good. You should try this!

Ingredients (served for two)
-2 chicken blest
-4 slices cheese
-1 clove garlic
-moderate amount of salt
-1 egg
-vegetable oil

1. Cut the chicken in half (like open the book). Pounde thin and big. Put the 2pease of cheese on the chicken and sand. (I added celery’s leafs)

2. Ground garlic. Rub garlic and salt on the chicken. Cover with flowers. Next is egg. Last is panko.

3. Pour the oil in the pan about 1cm from the bottom.

Turn the heat up to high-medium. Fly about 7min. Turn the chicken over. Turn the heat down to low-medium and cook about 8min. It’s done!

You can add some lemon on the side. It’s goes well.

When you cut the chicken, creamy cheese is coming. Ummm, so good! You should try and enjoy your chicken!!


My dinner. I added egg-and-chives-soup, kinpira-salad, broccoli and rice with mixed grains.

Eat well. Be healthy. 🙂