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it still cold even March. We use heater everyday. But, it make dry…  when I didn’t use a humidifier , it wake me up with cough. Too dry. I had been molting when I came Canada in first few month. Very bad for your skin.

I highly recommend to you for protecting from dry skins that is sheet pack. Most important thing is moisture to be beautiful skins. Dry is the most cause of aging of skins.

I’ve got sheet pack from my sister when I visit japan and I love it.

これ42枚も入ってるんです。お陰でとてーも助かってます✨お姉様ありがとう♡ カナダでシートパックってなかなか見つからないんです。主流じゃないんですね。こんなに乾燥してるのに何故!?(*_*)
42 sheet pack in this package. It helps a lot. Thank you my sister. It’s difficult to find a sheet pack in Canada. Seems uncommon. But, why? Very dry here.

ではさっそく♡ lets try it.

顔恐ッ∑(゚Д゚) like ghost!!

put it on your face for10-15min. Becomes moisture. It’s better use a cheep sheet pack often than using fancy sheet pack once a week.

if you don’t have a cheet pack , you can use cotton with your usual lotion and pack on your face for few min. I hope you would be beauty more and more you get old. 

have a beautiful day!

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