Minced meat cutlet

Today, I will show you how to make “minced meat cutlet”. It’s juicy and healthy. Let’s cook this.

Ingredients (served for two)
-200g ground beef
-200g ground pork
-1/4 cabbage
-1/4 onion
*1tbs panko
*1tbs milk
*1 egg
*1tbs cornstarch
*1/2tsp salt and pepper
*1tsp nutmeg
#1 egg

1. Chopped cabbage and onion.

2. Put ground beef and pork into a bowl and mixing well. Add * and 1. Mix well until sticky.

3. Shape the meat into a ball form. Flatten it.

4. Put 3 into flour →egg→Panko

5. Put some oil in the pan about 1cm from the bottom. Turn on the stove. Fry the patty. After one side has turned brown, flip it using the spatula. Cook inside.

You can also make a sauce. Put 2tbs ketchup, 2tbs Worcester sauce and 1tsp sugar into a bowl ,mix well. Pour on the cutlet.


My dinner was minced cutlet ,broccoli and carrots salad and miso soup.