Recipe 1 using Tomatocan

Hello, I’m Ebi. (日本語はこちら→トマト缶でアレンジ1日目)

※please forgive my  English mistakes.

First recipe using Tomatocan is Rolle Cabbage which is ground meat rolled in cabbage.

Low carb menu.  There is a lot of lycopene in Tomatocan. Lycopen has Anti-aging affect on your skins. That mean very good for your skins.
Lets begin and better skins!


*8 cabbage leaf
*1/2 onion
*300g beef one beef and pork ground mince
*a little nutmeg
*a little salt and pepper
*1 tomato-can
*1 bay leaf (if you have)
*1 tbs butter or margarine (if you want more less calories use 1tbs oil)
*1 tsp vegetable stock


1. Boiled cabbage until soft.(don’t throw this broth away. Use later) Cut a little core for easy to roll.
2. Chopped onion and fly with butter until they become translucent. Let it cool down.
3. Add 2 ,ground mince, nutmeg, salt and pepper into the bowl. Mix well.(you can add chopped core cabbage from 1.
4. Round 3 and roll with cabbage. (You can attach cabbage with a toothpick if you need.)
5. Put 4 into the deep pan. Add 100cc broth from 1 or 100cc water, vegetable stock and bay leaf. After boiled turns until low medium heat and simmer for 15min.

Taste. If you want you can add salt and pepper or broth.

1portion was $1.29CD. Well done!

tomorrow is going to be pot-au-feu using today’s soup.
Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow 🙂

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