Recipe2 using Tomatocan

Hello, I’m Ebi.  (日本語はこちら→トマト缶でアレンジ−2日目)
first recipe→Recipe1 using Tomato-can

※please forgive my  English mistakes.

Using left over from yesterday’s Tomato sauce and make Pot-au-feu♡

You can add many kind of veggies but, I highly recommend this to you is Paprika! You can get a lot of vitamin from it. About vitaminC is more than lemon. Vitamin is easy to melt in heat so that add pot-au-feu and take vitamin together .
I picked yellow paprika this time. It having lutein which whitening and healthy skins effect.
Lets begin 🙂

* leftover Tomato soup from rolled Cabbage
* cabbages
* Yellow paprika
* Sausage

I only used these ingredients but, you can add anything what you have such as carrots, potato and celery. (If you worry carbs not to use potato)


1. Add 100ml water into the Tomato soup from leftover and heat with low-medium heat. Chopped cabbage and paprika. Cut sausage. Add into the soup.

2. Taste it . If you want add salt and pepper or water.

its done!

1 serve $1.95CD.  If you use cheap veggie make it cheaper. But, I recommend  that you use paprika. Specially this season until autumn.

Thank you for reading.
Have a beauty life ♪

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