Recipe3 using Tomatocan

Hello, I’m Ebi.   (日本語はこちら→トマト缶でアレンジ3日目

※please forgive my  English mistakes

first recipe→Rolle Cabbage
second recipe→Pot-au-feu

Third meal is Tomato cream pasta♡

Pasta has a lot of calories. So use Tuna. Less pasta+ Add tuna=less calories.
Tuna is effective at anemia prophylaxis ,agent for arteriosclerosis and proven dementia.



* leftover soup from pot-et-fue
* 1 Tuna can
* 1tbs Butter or margarine
* 1tbs powdered cheese
* 1cup milk

1. Add 100-200ml water into tomato soup and heat.
2. Add tuna included tuna oil.(this oil has UMAMI)

3. When it boiled add pasta until cook.

4. 1min before cook, add milk ,powdered cheese and butter. Mix well.


It’s done!
Enjoy your pasta!

1serve only $1.89CD
Used soup from leftover included many veggies. It’s very healthy!
If you do this way to cook, you can save money. Boiled pasta with soup. Its efficient.

Have a great day.

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